Unloading some stress…

Well it’s almost 10pm and my Hubby and I are on our way back from writing our full provincial life insurance exam. I gotta say, it feels great knowing one more thing is checked off my mental list….provided we both passed ;)

Things have just been so incredibly insane that my stress level has expanded to all new heights. My workload at the office is by far the highest it has ever been and yet I’m still trying to do it all in my personal life, of course! I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t. But occasional it starts to take a toll.

Here is my report card for the last 2 months. Personally I try to get to the gym at least 2x per week…fail.
I try to get on twitter at least once per day…fail.
I try to call my mother and my BFF at least once each week or two…epic fail…especially for my BFF….miss you Colleen!
I try to blog at least 2x per week…fail.
I try to spend some ‘wink wink’ time with my hot hubby as often as possible…am I failing there? Well that’s just none of your freaking business!
Add to all that the fact that we are becoming Primerica agents and I am considering Visalus on the side.

The one place I know I never fail though is with Lilly. I am diligent that when she is awake I am focusing on her. From the moment I get home until she goes to bed it is playing dollies, chase mommy, peak-a-boo, blocks, dinner, bath, books and of course (most importantly) cuddle time. I am proud of that fact…even if it means that at 8:35 (post nigh garden and bed time) I’m cracking the computer and back at the grind stone. For a period of time I am just mom. That’s a great feeling.

As of right now, it just feels good to know that I can scratch ‘studying insurance’ off my plate. It might be a little thing, but it feels massive.

Ideally things would just magically get easier and easier from here on out…but I’m sure many more experienced moms would laugh and tell me that stress as a mother just never truly ends!

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