I came home to a house full of shit. I only wish I was speaking metaphorically…

We had a house showing today, and while it may be getting tiring, the consolation is coming home to an amazing clean house.Well today I came home to a house full of shit. Literally. Oh, and a fair amount of vomit tossed in for good measure!

When Lilly and I walked into the house, it took my nose all of about 5 seconds to realize something was incredibly wrong. I walked into our sunken living room and walked straight into sick dog hell. It was everywhere. Our german shepherd, Rinnie, had destroyed 2/3 of my couch and all of Lilly’s play area. Further inspection of the house would also reveal one unbelievable disgusting rug in Lilly’s bedroom.

My initial instinct in all of this was to cry. And I did. I had to tell Lilly sternly to stay put when she tried to come ‘help’ mommy. That made her cry, which made me cry harder. We were as big of a mess as my house was. I took a step back, took a big breath and developed a course of action.

My plan of action went a little something like this: open all the windows, find paper towel, grab my OG all purpose cleaner…the 750ml bottle…get Lilly strapped into her seat with some food in front of her, grab the vacuum and a garbage bag. I started in Lilly’s room, since that stressed me out the most. I then moved onto the couch and her play area. I finished this plan with a good long bath for Lilly and about a dozen hand washes for me.

Things I am grateful for right now:

  • My water based vacuum
  • Finding 3 extra rolls of paper towel in the storage room…it was a very dramatic moment when I thought I was out…
  • The fact that we had a great day outside, allowing me to open EVERY room in the house
  • That by some miracle, although Rinnie ruined Lilly’s rubber mats, she managed to not hit a single toy. 
I feel the need to add that I really do have a great dog. She is loving, well behaved and typically never causes any problems. I really can’t be mad at her at all. I am an animal lover and couldn’t imagine not having my four-legged family members. But no matter how strong the pet love, ideally no one would ever have to come home to that. *shudders*


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    Animal lover or not, it’s almost impossible to mad at her, just as you couldn’t be mad at your child if a similar situation came to be and she were sick. Can’t blame someone for being sick, animal, friend, child etc. lol

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    I laugh with you or else we would all be crying!! We had a lil’ old poodle no bigger than a squirrel, you had to pick him up to sit on the couch, or to get him on the bed. One day I came home to our twin mattress in the garbage…not understanding I asked my husband…he just looked at me and said shorty couldn’t get off the bed (oh…my husband was asleep on this bed too). I can only imagine! Really how do stay mad at an ancient little dog that has no control? You can’t.

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