You’re somebody’s Mama!

Sometimes I really question my presence on tumblr. In amongst the pervs, barely covered 80 lb teen girls & countless One Direction posts, is it really the demographic I want to connect with?

The bottom line is yes. There are newsmakers, media, environmentalists, good fashion bloggers, politicians and savvy connected individuals who are like-minded. But they are all hard to come by!

Last night, in preparing my posts for today, I searched the tag ‘mom’. Innocent enough. I thought I would find some good mom blog style content to reblog and share on my network.

I was so wrong.

Instead I found milf porn. Lots of it.

Don’t get me wrong, to each their own when it comes to porn, but shouldn’t this crap be contained to some paid-only site somewhere?! Should it really just be freely hanging out all over tumblr, ready for me and whatever 12 year old on the internet to find?

There wasn’t even a warning…just scrolling through the dashboard feed and BAM!

I guess I have also never understood milf porn. I know there are fetishes and therefore a market for everything, but you are branding yourself as someone sleezy mother! And just out on the open internet no less…for anyone to see, no credit card necessary. Wow. You’re child must be so proud.

That’s my old ninny rant for the day. I have become a mama and therefore a prude (not really). Ideally, I just believe in everything in it’s place. And there is just no place for milf porn on my tumblr feed.

This rant was originally posted on my Ideally speaking tumblr blog. 
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