Friday Funny: Picking your nose impresses no one.

The other night the little lady and I went out for dinner, just us girls…well actually we had anticipated Daddy would be joining us, but he let his phone die, and well, that’s just a whole other rant.

Lilly has always been very sociable and loves to greet every patron for every location we go to. She will say hi, smile and then sad bye bye when they leave. She does this for ANY and ALL persons within her eye line. 2 year old social butterfly…

On this particular occasion, she decided to make friends with a very charming little old couple at the table next to us. They mentioned they have a granddaughter about the same age. She poured on the usual, all smiles and giggles, and then decided to really show off her talents by showing them how far she could stick her finger up her nose.


Mortified, I reached over and pulled her hand away, trying to calmly explain that it is yucky and we don’t do that (let alone directed at strangers in a crowded public restaurant). She responded in the way that toddlers do best and did it again. This spiraled into a disgusting game to her and I was done for.

Luckily the couple laughed, having obviously been here and done this, but it didn’t really do much to ease my embarrassment. While I don’t typically care what other people think about me or my kid, this one caught me off guard. I figure good retalliation from me is that I am posting this one the world wide internet. This is the type of blog post that will resurface at all touching milestones in her life.

Generation Y, welcome to the new form of naked baby photos. Payback is a bitch ;)

Ideally, toddlers would develop some form of reasoning before then had the physically ability to humiliate themselves and their parents!
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