She is a perfect fit.

Lilly has a favourite shoulder. My left shoulder to be specific.

As soon as she is in my arms, she immediately nestles herself into that spot and hooks her right elbow around my left forearm. If my hair happens to be resting on my shoulder, she pulls back with a displeased look on her face, pushes it away and lays her head back down.

She has done exactly this pose for over a year. It is her official comfort zone. Every now and then, she will look at my right shoulder and give it a try…but then quickly decides that is simply does not feel the same, and goes back to the left.

Recently, while getting my tired little toddler dressed for daycare, she bolted into my arms while I was kneeling and buried herself into her comfort zone. She nearly knocked me over! I wrapped my arms all the way around her and squeezed. I tilted my head to the left and rested it lightly against her head and for a few moments we were just still.

In those few moments, it occurred to me how easily our bodies fit within each other. It’s as if I and she, are built precisely for this exact cuddling position. She is a perfect fit into my arms, onto my shoulder and into the crook of my neck.

That was a wonderful realization. She was made by me, but I was made for her.

Ideally speaking, she would never outgrow that perfect fit, but then again, I know that one day she will & will create a perfect fit of her own. 


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