#WordlessWednesday: The Perfect Gallery Wall

We’re nearly three months into our new home and every room is finally starting to feel like a finished product. I wanted to share one particular part of my master bedroom that makes me smile.

Get your minds out of the gutter. I am talking about a photo gallery wall people.

I had found an amazing trick on Pinterest on how to hang the perfect gallery wall using wax paper. I have now done this for 3 gallery walls in the house and used it to hang other decorations.

So. Flippin. Easy.

Seriously, where was Pinterest to make my life easier 10 years ago?!

Feel free to add a link to your favourite Pinterest life saver in the comments below.

gallery wall, photo wall, home decor
Laying out my photos. It can be like a puzzle to get them all arranged
in the space you want to fill. Then flip them over, cover with wax paper,
trace out frame shapes & mark where nails go.
gallery wall, photo wall, Pinterest, wax paper to hang photos,
Tape wax paper onto the wall where you want the gallery. Then install nails
into the marked spots. Remove wax paper.
Gallery wall, photo wall, home decor, photo layout,
Hang photos for the perfect gallery wall! :)


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