Told off by a 2 year old.

This morning Lilly discovered an old ball she hasn’t played with in ages, while hanging out with Daddy in the kitchen…Mommy was still in bed – taking care of a sick toddler all night wore me out – I tagged in Daddy for a round.

So Lilly brings this ball into my room and shows me how well she can kick it around the floor. Cute.

She then proceeds to toss the darn thing up onto my bed and runs off. Naturally, I grabbed it and threw it out into the hall way.

Five minutes passed and Lilly heads back in to see me. She looks on the bed…

Lilly: “Where my ball go?!”
Mommy: “I threw it into the hallway.”
Lilly: (looking very disappointed with me & shaking her head) “Oh Mommy! That MY ball. I go get it.” (She adds an exasperated sigh like she’s fed up with me)

At this point I can’t help but snicker because she is being so serious. But this was my fatal mistake.

Part way out the door she stops on her tracks at the sound of me laughing, matches over and states me in the eye.

Lilly: (trying her best to look mad) “Oh Mommy!! No! It MY ball!” (Adds another dramatic sigh like she doesn’t know what to do with me…)

She then marches out of the room and shuts my door.

1. I think I may be in time out.
2. I did just get a stern taking to…from my toddler. Awesome.

In a way, this is perfectly ideal, because I think it’s a sign she’s starting to feel better. I’ll bask in that happiness while I “sit here and think about what I’ve done” ;)


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