Talking With My Toddler #2

Setting: Morning family cuddle time. Quiet moments in our bed with Lilly, Adam, myself…and our two cats and one dog. Everyone likes to get in on the action! During one recent particular session, our youngest cat, Scurvy, decided she’d had enough and left.

Apparently no one leaves cuddle time unless the toddler oks it. I wasn’t aware of this rule and clearly, neither was the cat…

Lilly: “Oh! My cat! It ok. I go get her.” (starting to climb off the bed)

Mommy: “Honey, I think she doesn’t want to stay in here.

Lilly: (looking at my like I’m crazy – she obviously knows what the cat truly wants better than I do) “No. I go get her. I be right back. You, wait here.

Daddy and Mommy: *laughing hysterically at the stern tone and serious look we got while being given our orders*

Lilly: (standing in the door way by this point) “Hey! No laughing!

Daddy: “We can’t laugh?

Lilly: “No!” (brows furrowed)

Mommy: “But, you’re funny…

Lilly: (shakes her head and marches away down the hall)

Daddy and Mommy: *looking at each other and laughing even harder*

Lilly: (from some distance down the hall) “I SAID NO LAUGHING!

Sadly, this is not the first time I have been told off by my toddler. It likely won’t be my last.

My real question though, when did my toddler become the fun police?!


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