#WordlessWednesday: My cat has a doppleganger!

A little over 5 years ago, while spending some time on my in-laws farm, I came across a cat who clearly didn’t belong there. While the rest of the cats would duke it out for a shot at the food bowl, she would be in the next pen over, cleaning herself.

She was never gonna make it. So I bought her home. Now, with the toddler in the house, it is iffy that the cat will survive here either. They have an…um…interesting relationship.

This is her a few years ago:

Scurvy, 2009.

And this is a kitten that I saw on the the farm this past summer:


I am guessing they are likely related in some sorts. I joked with my husband that we should bring her home as our Jr. Scurvy (the name is a long story). But that would put us up to three cats. I think that would qualify me for “cat lady” status, and I’m just not at that point in my life…yet.


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