Adventures in Daycare: Proper Booger Etiquette

My daycare provider tells me the funniest shit. Seriously, there is just no way she could even make this stuff up. I can’t imagine what it must be like to just spend all day watching a group of toddlers interact.

Some of these stories make me laugh so hard, I just knew they had to be shared with a larger audience. So I am starting another new segment of my blog:

Adventures in Daycare

This segment will be provided by my awesome daycare provider and friend, ‘Daycare Mama’, whenever she bares witness to yet another hilarious toddler interaction. Below is her first official post.

Please give her a warm welcome and share in a chuckle at our funny little ladies.


Hi everyone!

Daycare Mama here. I thought I would start off by sharing a recent little episode we had at my daycare. I had to help educate Lilly and Little Princess (my 3 year old daughter) how to properly handle…or not handle…boogers. Especially if they don’t belong to you…

Story #1

Lilly: “Look I cleaned Little Princess’s booger!” (as she shows me a booger on her finger)

Me: “Well, thank you for cleaning it Lilly but next time can you tell me Little Princess has a booger and I will clean it?

Lilly: “I sorry. I put it away.” (as she shoves it up her nose)

Later that day…

Me (checking on Lilly on the potty as she’s staring at a boog on her finger) “Lilly, what’s that?

Lilly: “This is my booger! It’s not Little Princess’s” (with a proud smile)

Me: “Uhh Lilly…

Lilly: “Oh that’s bad. I sorry.” (as she tries to put it up her nose again…)

Little Princess: “Lilly don’t put that in your nose, that’s disgusting! Wipe it on your pants!

Hand to forehead. Toddlers just should not share advice. Or boogers.

~ Daycare Mama


  1. says

    hahahahahah!!! I love this!! I have a 4 year old son and a 3 year old niece so I get these types of things whenever they are together.
    The dialogs are pretty funny between my son and I as well… My favorite so far between him and I went like this…
    Landon – “mommy why don’t girls have penises???”
    Me – “well sweetie, if girls had penises they would have to stand up and pee like boys do and that would just be weird.”
    Landon – “ooohhhh.. i understand, that would be really weird”


    • says

      I think we do sadly grow out of it. There is such an innocence and lack of understanding on proper social protocol that makes being a child absolutely hilarious. We learn better as we get older, but it’s great when they are so young and oblivious.

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