#WordlessWednesday: Classic Rocking Horse.

My daughter has a thing with horses. Not a mild thing. A full blown thing. It started at a very young age and has yet to slow down.

Sure, she’s had her brief slide lines, like watching nothing but dinosaur movies for days on end. But it always comes back to horses.

So when my Mama, who had been out shopping all day, came home with a surprise, Lilly went wild.

By the end of the night she was even reading him a bedtime story…I think the horse might be her first official BFF.


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    Aw! How cute is she?! We have the same horse, but it needs new batteries…and I kinda don’t want to put them in, haha! I had to move it to the basement though cause it was making a weird ticking sound. I’m a horrible mom, LOL!

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