See! My toddler looks a bit like me. Kinda.

Ever since I became a mother, there is one phrase that I hear more often from family and friends alike. It’s not, “congratulations on your new addition” or “you’re a wonderful mother”. No.

The one phrase I have heard so many times, even from complete strangers?

She looks just like her daddy!

Yes. Ok. Thank you. I completely get that if I had not birthed this child, there would be no proof that she is in-fact mine, short of a DNA test. But I did birth her. There were witnesses, seeing things that cannot be unseen, who can attest that she is indeed my kid.

But I am strong enough to admit that it is true. She does look incredibly like her father.

Father daughter twinsies.

Today I was looking through some older photos from my childhood and I stumbled upon a few where I did see quite a lot of Lilly in my 2-3 year old face. So I am posting them here. As further proof that she is mine, and maybe one day, she will look more like me.

Me in my bedroom when I was about 3.
Side note, I am refinishing this same vanity for Lilly :)
Lilly a few months ago, playing in moving boxes.
Cute little 18 month old me. I had so much hair,
so early on!
Lilly this past summer at the zoo. She was just over 2 here.

Side note – if anyone can’t see the resemblance in these photos…keep it to yourself.

I might be grasping at straws here, but if so, I would rather remain blissfully ignorant of that fact.

Ideally speaking, my little darling will grow up with a perfect mix of her father and I, in looks and much more. Just without my hair. I still have bad memories of having those curls brushed… *shudders*


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