#WordlessWednesday with Linky: Vacation & An Island Wedding.

I apologize in advance. This is SO not wordless. But this post deserves a little break in the rules.

Many of you may have noticed that I took last week off from WW. I was a little preoccupied being on vacation…and planning the final touches on my little brother’s wedding. As a Maid Of Honour who lives in a different province, my sister-in-law had quite a task list for me when I finally got there. It was amazing to be such a large part of the wedding.

Note – I will be posting a tribute to the beautiful bride, my new sister, with my MOH speech on the blog tomorrow. So make sure you pop back over. Maybe bring a tissue…

My mom, stepdad and little brother all moved out to PEI several years ago. For us, it makes the perfect excuse for vacations down east every so often. Making the trip down for Bob & Karen’s wedding was even better.

One of the best parts of this trip is that my Dad, Adam, Lilly and I, finally got to meet our newest nephew, Atreyu! Such a little sweetheart. We got a great shot of my Mom & Dad with all 3 of their grand babies. Apparently, Uncle Adam is a big hit!

Unfortunately we had a lot of rain over the week, but we did have one great day to get out, see the beach and show Lilly a lighthouse.

My mom came out with us and snapped the official “family vacation photo”

Then Adam got a good one of me, my Mama and Lilly.

Lilly really liked the red sand and the way it coloured EVERYTHING! This being my 4th time on the island, I am used to it ;)

I made a collage of some of my/my husbands shots from the wedding for now. When we get back the official shots, I will be sure to do a more dedicated wedding WW post. Plus I want the opportunity to promote the incredible wedding photographer! She did a wonderful job.

Lilly, our tired little flower girl, fell asleep on the way to the wedding! The one in the bottom left is her and her cousin Movado. At only a few months apart, they have a typical toddler love/hate relationship ;)


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    PEI – cool! I’ve never actually been, but I know my mom likes it. Her family is originally from Nova Scotia and we’ve gone all over there and Ontario to see cousins, and made one adventurous trip into Newfoundland, but never gone to PEI as a family.

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