#WordlessWednesday with linky: Thanksgiving on the farm.

Happy Thanksgiving! The holiday may have come and gone here in Canada, but I am sure that the leftovers will be lingering for days.

We headed to our hometown for dinner with my husband’s family. While I didn’t get any pics of the delicious food (too busy eating and talking…) I did get a few before and after shots.

First off, stuffing. Stuffing is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE part of any holiday meal. When we went gluten free, I was crushed. I have since learned that I can still enjoy stuffing, I simply have to make it and bring it myself. This one was the best I have made so far. Check out the recipe for this tasty slow cooker gluten-free stuffing.

Delicious Gluten Free Stuffing
Mixing all the ingredients before they headed into the slow cooker.
My toddler the duck herder. It’s kinda great how comfortable she is on the farm.
Daddy teaching her the life skill of how to clean calf poop off your shoes using grass.


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