My magical horse powers…

Hanging out at the neighbour’s horse farm.

My little monkey is going through a very pronounced horse phase. She used to love cows, but has since moved on to a more traditional little girl choice. Fortunately, we live in a rural area and pass anywhere from 3-5 horse farms on our way to and from daycare, depending on my route. Unfortunately, this can sometimes have the opposite desired effect…

Often when we pass the farms, she gets worked up, excited and yelling ‘neigh!’. Adorable. However, once we have passed said farm, she quickly gets mad and starts yelling, ‘ no! more mommy! more!’

I couldn’t figure out exactly what she was expecting me to do with this command, but then it hit me! My daughter seems to believe I have the ability to conjure horses at her demand. She requests “more” as if I should just be able to magically make them appear in whichever property we are passing. Wrong, child. Mommy can work lots of magic, (finding ‘baby’ in the strangest of places, for instance) but that is a little out of my reach.

Tonight it was raining, so many of the horses at the regular farms were indoors…you can imagine how well that went over….

Luckily for us we do have a horse farm just up the street and the owner has invited us to come right onto the property anytime to see the ‘neighs’ up close and personal. As the weather gets nicer, I am excited to take Lilly out for more visits to her new favourite farm animal!

Now, if this obsession sticks and grows, then ideally, I should start saving now. I don’t think riding is necessarily the cheapest of activities ;) That being said, I know from friends that it is a beautiful and worth while way to have a child spend their time. Typical parental answer, whatever makes our little lady happy!

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    We are going through the same thing! There is a farm right down the street and Bee insists we go out of our way to drive past it every single day. We have to slow down, roll down the windows, and wave to the cows. Now that the weather is nice, we’ll be taking more walks down there. I haven’t told the kids it’s a beef farm!

    I LOVE living near farms! Do you, too?

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      I do. My hubby grew up on a farm, so she is quite broken in whenever we go see Grandma and Grandpa. I think it really helps to teach kids a better understanding and appreciation for animals, but also for how our local food system and agriculture work. I don’t think nearly enough kids (or even adults!) respect where things come from.

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