#WordlessWednesday: A toddler’s dream come true.

I know I can’t actually pretend to know exactly what goes on in the mind of my 2 year old…if I could read toddler minds I would be filthy rich! But I do know full well just how much she loves horses.

This past weekend we took her to the local zoo. One of the first attractions when you get in the front gate is a pony ride. She noticed, of course (calling them horses…) and made a bee line for them. My husband and I gave each other a look and decided now was the time.

She always begs to stop and pet the horses when we pass farms, so you can only imagine the look when we said she could ride one…

“OMG they are letting me RIDE a horse!!!!”

“Neigh!!! Seriously, I’m riding a horse!”

“Whoa, that’s the ground, way down there. But who cares!?
I’m riding a horse!!”

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