Friday Funny: Why didn’t she inherit my love of shoes?!

#ToddlerFact: They will throw a tantrum to wear same shoes everyday

Our daughter has a whack of shoes. She has been given given new and used shoes from friends and family, as well as quite a few pairs that I felt were necessary. In other words too cute not to come home from the store with me.

She has everything from comfy sneakers, strappy sandals, boots, ballet flats in black and leopard print & even a mini pair of metallic gladiator sandals that I am mildly jealous of.

Yet out of all of these gorgeous shoes, that we have acquired for her, she insists on wearing one single pair, over and over again.

Her pink, cheap-ass, foam croc knockoffs.

Without fail, day in and day out, these are the only shoes we can get on this child’s feet.

Oh, I try others. I pull the whole ‘I am just SO excited to for you to wear THESE shoes. Look, they are so pretty! Ah how pretty!

Her stare response is a clear ‘I’m ready to throw down lady‘ and then it begins. She points at her ‘pink shoes’ and says she wants them. I say no.  She morphs into aforementioned seething pint-sized tyrant. (see point #7 of Things You Learn in Second Year of Motherhood).

This baffles me, because I can tell you now, I LOVE shoes.

I figure this too will pass. One day she will inevitably develop my minor (though my husband and I have a difference of opinion on that term) shoe fetish.

In an ideal world, when that day comes, she will be the same size as Mama!
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