Rediscovering the joy of winter

I have always hated the winter. I was the kid whose parents had to drag her out of her bedroom, and away from her books to go tobogganing. And once they got me there, I wasn’t any more cooperative. I would do one or two runs, then go down again, steer off into the trees, and hide out in there with my best friend Heather. We’d talk about boys and ignore our parents yelling at us to come back up. Thank god I always knew they would be too lazy to come down after me :) Part of me thinks that maybe if I take up a winter sport, I would enjoy the season more…but I haven’t been skiing since I was 12….

Well I have discovered something much more fun than a winter sport. Experiencing the fun of the snow all over again, through my daughter’s eyes.

Exploring the snow for the first time!

This past weekend, Lilly and I ventured out into the front yard to play with the dog and build her first ever snowman! We had a blast. She giggled with each snowball that our dog, Rinnie, tried to chase….poor Rinnie never seems to understand where the snowball went, when it lands in more snow….Lilly also seemed to love the challenge of trying to walk on the snow, falling on her butt every minute or two.

The real fun came when we started to build the snowman. Lilly seemed completely amazed that mommy could grow a giant snowball just by rolling it around the yard. I’m magic, I know :) She caught on quickly and helped me grab and pat snow into place around the three parts of the snowman.

Once we were finished, I sought out some fixings to give the poor guy a face. Lilly pointed with massive excitement at the fact that it was shaping up to be a person made of snow. Excited to the point that she decided her snowman needed a hug. Adorable.

Leaning in to give our snowman a big hug!

Now don’t hold your breathe, I am sure I will never be what you call a winter person. However, if I can always get this much enjoyment from watching my kids have fun, I think that is an ideal balance.

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