Starting a new annual family tradition.

This past weekend, we headed down to the Burlington Ribfest, marking our 2nd annual in a new family tradition. I have gone for years with my Dad and now this seems to be a budding tradition with our family too.

Now, I don’t eat red meat and I only occasionally eat chicken. So I may not get the full experience that most people get when the attend a ribfest, but that’s not what I go for.

I go for this…

Toddler at ribfest cute
Nom, nom, nom!

I may be mostly vegetarian, but my family is not. My husband grew up on a farm and getting him to eat tofu can be a bigger fight than most battles I face with the toddler.

Labour Day 2011 was Lilly’s first Ribfest and the first time she’d ever had ribs. It was a hit! Since then, Adam makes them at home for him and his little girl to share regularly. So this year, she was practically a pro.

When we took her last year, Adam had started by giving her a small taste. She liked it so much that she reached up and grabbed his hand, forcing him to share the one he was currently trying to eat. It was hilarious and made for a very funny photo opp.

The Ribfest Battle, 2011

This year, we replicated the pose and our little lady showed she had a lot more fight in her this time around.

The Ribfest Battle, 2012
Taking a small time out from the fight.
On a side note – twinsies? I swear she’s half mine!
Lilly: Listen Pops, this is my meat, you got that?!

I think this is a tradition that we will keep in years to come. It is a great occasion to spend time with my Daddy (aka VaVoo to Lilly!) and makes for a fun filled, messy day for our family.

A proud VaVoo taking pics of his rib-loving
Spending some quality time with VaVoo…
and his hat ;)

 Ideally speaking, all future summers will have this perfect of an ending.

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