#WordlessWednesday: Back when we were cool.

This past weekend I got to spend some much needed time with my oldest and one of my dearest friends, Ducky.

I guess other people call her Heather, but she is the Ducky to my Cricket and always will be.

She is the first person (other than cousins) that I can remember having a sleep over with. We begged our parents mere hours after meeting one another. I was barely 6, she was 5 and a life long friendship was formed.

Her big sister is like my big sister and picked on me for a real authentic sis relationship ;) Her little brother was besties with my little brother. Her Mom (who is besties with my Mom!) has always been like a second mother to me. We were all a match made in family-friend heaven.

So here is to the lasting friendships. To the childhood friends you grow up with. The moments you share with someone who brings out your true self and helps you shine in the foolishness found there.

This wasn’t a very wordless post, but friendship like this deserves a intro.

At 14, we were cool shit. 

You know you want to be us.
I had the best two-tone frizz hair EVER!

But at 28, we are even cooler shit.

We’re got so much more awesome with age…I think…
Ps. this is NOT Heather’s room…cuz that would be creepy.
This is the result of Heather having a tween daughter ;)


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      I once pointed out how rediculous the duck face trend is, but after looking back at these pics, I guess I should retract that ;)
      Sadly, that was/is not a perm. That is my natural hair. I have just learned to better manage it as I got older. The first time I straightened it in college was like 19 years worth of Christmas in one afternoon!

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    Aw. Love this. My bestie and I have been like peas and carrots since third grade. Even though we live thousands of miles apart now, when we’re together it’s like nothing has changed. P.S. I DID have a spiral perm AND braces AND was an acid wash addict. Shudder.

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