#WordlessWednesday: More than just a Pinterest pin!

A few months back, while away on a girls weekend, my friends and I talked about how great Pinterest is and how we need to actually do more of the ideas we pin.

Thus, Craft Day was born. 

We planned a day to get together and each tackle a couple ideas we had seen on Pinterest (or elsewehere for that matter). Below are just some of the photos from Sunday’s messy, artsy fun.

Now, this is where I admit that the majority of my closest friends (including all three here) are graphic designers. They are crafty little ones by nature….came in handy around my wedding invitations, decorations and guest gifts!

These first 4 photos were taken by Iris, who is the biggest shutterbug of our bunch. She always brings the fanciest camera! She is a talented freelance designer in the Toronto area.

Vron working on a multi canvas masterpiece.
Iris fulfilling her lifelong dream to make a Sock Monkey!
Me, painting my family monogram mirror for the new house.
Shona getting creative with some cut outs and bleach. These shirts were
so cool.

This one was taken by Shona’s (new! – Congrats again hun) fiance, Steve. We are always so thankful our men are willing to take photos for us…we make them do it a lot ;) Shona is a talented designer in the Barrie area.

Not to be missed, the amazon woman of our group, is the very tall Vron (as well call her). She is a talented designer for the Milton area.

Stay tuned for another post where I highlight which crafts I did, links to the original tutorials and better photos of my end results.

Fellow bloggers, please feel free to leave a link to your Wordless Wednesday posts in comments below. I’d love to check them out!

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