Talking With My Toddler #3

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You know the man is whipped when he lets the girl take a whole piece
of ham off his plate…

I have tried to warn my husband, several times, that our precious little lady has him increasingly wrapped around her finger. I have begun to think that he is completely A-OK with this.

He recently admitted to her that she can “Do no wrong when you say ‘I love you Daddy'”. I knew he was done for with that one.

This weekend, she proved just how Daddy’s Girl whipped he really is…

Lilly: “I love you mommy.” (with kisses during morning cuddle time. so sweet)

Mommy: “I love you too honey. What about Daddy?

Lilly: (looking over at Adam with a smirk) “I love Mommy!

Daddy: (putting on his best hurt face) “You don’t love me?

Lilly: “No, I love Mommy!

*This is where she leans over, wrapping her arms around my neck and hugs me. All the while, looking back over her shoulder to make sure her Daddy is watching. She’s going to sharpen this skill over the next 13 years and use it to break some hearts. I am sure of it.*

Mommy: “Honey, if you’re not nice to Daddy, he might not make you breakfast…

Daddy: “That’s right. I guess I won’t make breakfast, put on your shows or make your chocolate milk.

Lilly: (staring down Adam) “Daddy, go make me breakfast!

Mommy: “Oh Lilly. That’s no way to talk to Daddy.

Lilly: (softening her gaze at Adam and pulling out the Daddy’s Girl voice) “Please, Daddy? I love you.

And just like that the man is out of bed and headed for the kitchen. As if he completely forgot about her trampling on his heart a mere 5 seconds prior.

Ideally, I need to learn to harness this power she has over him… Mama wants an Xbox with Kinect ;)

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