#WordlessWednesday: Toddler With Santa & Smiling!

This past weekend, my husband and I struck Santa photo gold. We not only got our toddler in to see St. Nick in record time, but she was actually excited and smiled through the whole experience.

Hell, she even wore her headband. It’s a bloody Christmas miracle! Only for Santa though – that sucker was off her head the second she was out of his line of sight. Clearly she doesn’t get the whole “sees you when you’re sleeping” thing yet.

I was really skeptical going in, because she was really excited going in to see Santa last year too…and this is what we got.

I honestly don’t know which one of them looks more heartbroken in this photo.


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    Very cute 1st pic (although I have to say I understand your girl not wanting to wear a headband ;))! And last year’s photo is just… please forgive me – hilarious. Both of them crying or as if they are about to :D I am very glad that you had more luck this year around!

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      Thank you! And yeah, I can’t blame her. Hair things are not always the most comfortable accessories. They are just so darn cute ;) And I completely agree about the first one. In a lot of ways, it is a hilarious and awesome shot. There wasn’t a single good one in the bunch, so at least the one where Santa is nearly crying tells a good story. haha.

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