Wordless Wednesday with Linky: DIY Canvas Art

This past weekend, I got a lot of projects done around the house. Enough that I will be finally be posting the Master Bedroom edition of The Pinterest House Project in the next few days.

Naturally, whenever I plant myself at the table for crafty type projects, Lilly wants to join in. So I put her to work.

Toddler craft time
Turning an old cardboard ribbon bolt into a jewelry holder for her vanity.

While I worked on a new piece of DIY canvas art for her bedroom.

DIY Canvas Art for Big Girl Room


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    Your daughter is adorable! I just can’t do WW posts. I always have too much to say – and I think it’s bad for SEO, no?

    Anyway, I am connecting from Let’s Connect Thursday. I will connect with you via all of your icons up there on your side bar.

    Looking forward to staying connected.

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