#WordlessWednesday with linky: Toddler Cat Cuddles

Lately, Lilly is all about our cats. The first thing she does in the morning is run out to the kitchen to find them and say good morning!

This is a big change from where her relationship with our kitties began…there’s a reason one of my first ever blog posts was titled, No, no. We don’t kick the kitty in the head.

And on a completely unrelated topic/shamless plug – Any parents in the Toronto area, I am giving away 6 pairs of tickets to the BabyTime Show and two big prize packs! Come enter to win!


Kitty cuddles! Not sure what’s with the lei…


Little kitty hugs :)

Lilly decided she try being a cat & started meowing at my feet!

Lilly decided she try being a cat & started meowing at my feet!


  1. says

    We traveled to Alabama this summer and our kids got to hang out with their cousin’s three long-haired cats, who let them do all kinds of things to them. The cats were sporting pigtails and at one point one was wearing a bikini. This brings back memories, how fun for you guys…

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