#WordlessWednesday with linky: BlissDom Canada!

When I get a spare moment to breath, I will be finishing up my post-BlissDom write up(s). I can say that it was an incredible weekend, filled with amazing connections and so much learning. I have a much better view of who I am as a blogger and where I want to go on here.

But more on that later….

For now, a few fun shots to hold you over.

The baby and I doing our red carpet pose ;)
Chevrolet Canada knows what bloggers need to keep our energy going…
Jacqueline & I showing our perfect ‘glamping’ style in plaid & heels.
My pjs for the party – “Sexy n’ Showing” ;)

And for a real view at the fun that was had, here are BlissDom Canada principals, Shannon and Jennifer, busting it out old school at the pj party.


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