#WordlessWednesday: Cole’s 4 month stats & some me time!

Last week Colton hit the 4 month mark. It really doesn’t feel like it has been 4 months already. When we went in for his regular checkup, the developmental worker thought he was 6 months and asked me the milestone questions for that stage. We didn’t realize the error until after…and he passed the developmental milestones for 6 months! My little man is getting so big, so fast.

4 months already!

4 months already!

As always, Lilly wanted to have a few pictures of her during Cole’s monthly stats photo shoot.

Love these monkeys.

Love these monkeys.

I also found some rare “me time” and squeezed a #metimemanicure. I love the nude nail polish trend this summer. The bow is a stencil…I’m not that good ;)

Pretty nude nails with accent nail! The bow is adorable!

Love the little bow stencil I found.


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