DIY Christmas Candy Holder with Mason Jars

Cute and easy DIY Christmas candy holder with hanging mason jars.

The holiday season is right around the corner. As a busy mom of two now, and my return to work in just a few weeks, I wanted to get a head start on some of my Christmas crafting. We have a very large front entrance at our home. For the past two years we have been here, I have tried to think of more we can do to decorate out there for the holidays. I wanted something that greets the friends and family that visit. I figured a bit of candy could be just the thing.

I give you, the easy DIY Christmas candy holder!

Like every other pinning crafter on the planet, I LOVE mason jars. There is just something sweet and rustic about them and it lent the perfect amount of charm to this project. This Christmas candy holder took me only about an hour total to make and costs under $10 for the materials.

Supplies for cute and easy DIY Christmas candy holder with mason jars.

What you need:

  • Plaque or large scrap piece of wood – Personally, if I’d had barn board, I think that would take this to a whole new level
  • A couple mason jars – I went with two for this plaque size, but you could go larger with more jars
  • Twine
  • Spray Paint
  • Paint Pen – I prefer to use paint pens for better precision when it’s for wording
  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Stickers or something similar for decoration if desired
  • Holiday candy

I started out with painting the plaque. I used spray paint for the sake of time. Busy baby and all. I only did one coat so that some of the wood grain would show through. Once it had dried, I marked out where I wanted to hang the mason jars and drilled two holes. Make sure the holes are large enough to fit two pieces of twine through.

Cute and easy DIY Christmas candy holder.

In order to really get the wording to look the way I wanted, I did it out using an app on my iPad first. That way I could use it as a guide on the actual plaque. I started by writing it out with pencil. I highly recommend having a light coloured eraser on hand, since you don’t want eraser marks left on the board.

Cute and easy DIY Christmas candy holder with mason jars.

I then used my paint pen, or in this case, nail art pen…it’s the only red I had on hand. I carefully went over my pencil writing. Depending on how thick you want the wording, you may have to go over it two or three times. I had some very pretty snowflake stickers left over from last year’s Christmas crafting and added a few to give it a little bling.

Cute and easy DIY Christmas candy holder with mason jars.

Next I moved onto the mason jars. I cut long pieces of twine and wrapped it around the top. I tied it on either side. Then added another piece and did the same, finishing the second tie on the opposite side. This gave me two pieces of twine on either side of the jars. I took the pieces of twine on the front of each side and pulled it through the holes. I then knotted those pieces to the remaining pieces of twine on either side at the back of the plaque.

Cute and easy DIY Christmas candy holder with mason jars.

Getting the jars to hang at the same height is the tricky part. Once I had the plaque up on the wall, I had to loosen or tighten the knots accordingly to get the jars hanging evenly on both sides and with each other.

All that’s left to do after that is add candy and enjoy! I added candy canes for now, but will switch it up with other holiday treats over the season.

Cute and easy DIY Christmas candy holder with mason jars.

Ideally speaking, I will be able to keep the four year old away from it before all the candy canes go missing…

Cute and easy DIY Christmas candy holder with mason jars.


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