Friday Funny: My toddler got inked!

Ok so she didn’t really get ‘inked’ in the sense of how it’s used these days…I mean, what kind of mother do to take me for? Lilly will have to be at least 5 before I will allow her to get a tattoo… ;)

No, instead, my little lady managed to get herself covered in actual ink. The worst part? It was just handed to her!
She’s a bit of a neat freak, so you can tell
this is just stressing her right out!
A couple weeks ago we were out running errands when a couple of young girls stopped me at a store entrance. They were raising money for a missing children’s organization. So typical me, I bought a chocolate bar off of them. I noticed that the one girl had given a pamphlet to Lilly, but didn’t think much of it.
A few moments later we’re diving along and I start to hear Lilly get very upset in the back seat. She starts saying ‘my haannn, mommy. my haann.’ I take a quick peak in the mirror to find her holding up her hands, covered in black ink, with her face completely covered in panic…
I pulled over and reached back in the backseat to take away the pamphlet and clean her hands and very quickly realized the problem. It was not a pamphlet….it was a fingerprinting kit!!!
After I had her and the car seat scrubbed down with the last of my available baby wipes, I took a moment to laugh. That is the overwhelming difference between young girls and mothers, we just get instinctively smarter with age!
Ideally speaking, I will be able to have a good laugh over all the messes Lilly finds herself in…but then I remember my teen years, so I’m not holding my breath on that one!

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      Ya it was hilarious. I was laughing while I was cleaning her too and she kept looking at me with this distressed look. I just know she was thinking, ‘What the hell are you laughing at mom?! This is NOT funny!’

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