An upfront helpful software company. No joke!

Introducing the Free Vocus Social Media Strategy App

I’ve just finished this amazing app produced by Vocus. Taking a total of 10 minutes, I literally clicked a few buttons, input all goals and details for OnlyGreen, and the program spit out a completely personalized, FREE Workbook! This is how they wowed me.

For starters, the application itself is incredibly visually appealing. It is interactive and creates a sort of ‘fun’ feeling that you don’t always get during a software pitch. There are six spheres, each representing a different step in the process. As you click each one, they come alive on the screen and guide you though. You are then taken back out to the main screen to select the next step.

Throughout the process, I was able to select and then rank, goals, audience details, challenges and tactics that are specific to OnlyGreen. At the end of each step, a selection of resources (PDFs, whitepapers, etc) were displayed for me to choose from, knowing they would be available to be at the end.

After completing the 6th step, I was given a link to download my workbook. And it really was MY Workbook. It included all of the specifics I had input, along with measureables, learning and a ton of blank worksheets for each section, all wrapped up in a 35 page PDF! Don’t get me wrong, this Workbook is still a sales tool. They have subtle of examples of how their solutions can help our business, but they have provided tremendous value regardless.

It’s not too often that I feel the urge to gush about a product, especially marketing software, since it makes me look insanely geeky, but this was above and beyond needing a nod. Ideally, all software companies would be this helpful before they try to sell you their services.

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