Celebrating all body types…including the fit ones.

Let me apologize in advance if this post upsets anyone. That is really not the intent. I am just getting something off my chest that has been there for some time. There are are 5 words that just really aggravate me:

Like you need to worry.

Yes, I do realize I am 5’4 and under a buck 20 soaking wet. I’m not bragging, that is just the reality. But what I really dislike is being made to feel like my body is maintained by a strategically placed horseshoe. It’s not. I am somewhat naturally petite, but I also work hard. I literally work my ass off. I am at the gym 2-4 times per week and do yoga at home. I walk, lift weighs and make a real effort to be fit, not skinny. I eat right most of the time, and take into account when I don’t. In other words, I worry! 

Now, I know it is not that easy for everyone. I have plenty of friends who work harder than me and don’t see results as easily as I might. I respect them so much more for that. I also have a huge amount of respect for women that are proud of the way they look and happy to share it. But I guess that is my point. I am proud of the way I look. I put in time and effort to look this way and I don’t want to be made to feel bad because other’s feel I am ‘lucky’. Luck has much less to do with it than good old fashioned sweat :)

I personally believe that every women is beautiful. I love that we live in an age where we can all use mass social media to spread the word of inner beauty and strength. However, often I find there is a negative stigma for those women who work hard to stay fit, that we’re made to feel ashamed for wanting to celebrate the way we look. I have actually seen posts on various social sites telling women to stop posting motivational photos for themselves, but is that fair? It is as if fit women wanting to motivate themselves, or celebrate their success, is being disrespectful to women who may not look this way.

But it’s not disrespect. On the contrary, it is equal respect for all body types and celebrating that we are all equally beautiful. We all have equal rights to be proud of our bodies, whether they be curvy, petite, tall, short, fit or any combination of those!

Ideally, we would live in a wold where no women ever feels the need to question that.
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