In the wake of the KONY 2012 launch…

Today in the wake of the KONY 2012 video, as many embrace the idea of simply spreading the world and becoming involved, there are some that choose to criticize and even call for the action of ignoring this unprecedented social campaign.
What concerns me is that this level of criticism and scrutinizing prevents other people from wanting to get more involved. Why bother trying to create worldwide change when another blogger will just tear you a new arsehole for trying? I’m not saying I disagree with everything some of the critics are saying, I know much of the government/political facts are just that, facts. The situation is definitely more complicated than any 30 minute documentary could convey, but are they bringing awareness to the situation? Yes. Are they motivating many people to look further into the LRA and Joseph Kony? Yes. Are they making hundreds of thousands of people feel like they are a part of something worth doing? Yes. Where in here lies a critical problem bad enough that you can focus a whole blog post to actually not support their entire organization?!?
One blog in particular really gets under my skin, asking people to stop supporting Invisible Children Inc. The post includes links to the organization’s charitable ranking, which is fairly in line with others working in similar causes. They received ¾ stars. They are not perfect, but neither am I, and neither are you. One line about them being ‘just a bunch of white rich kids’ is incredibly offensive. White affluent youth can’t take part in wanting change? In my opinion these are rich white kids that are not playing polo and smoking crack with daddy’s money. These are rich white kids choosing to use their wealth to do something they feel is right. I met a number of ‘rich white kids’ when I spent a month in Kenya with MetoWe. They will always remain some of the most kind-hearted, knowledgeable and motivated humans I have ever encountered. I feel honoured to call each of them my friends and Kenyan family.You may not realize it buddy, but criticizing them because they are white is just as racist as you think they are being. Nothing should limit your right to want to get involved, your right to want change in the world you live in. Not your skin colour, wallet size, age, gender, occupation, social status, etc. Nothing.
Is there more that should be looked at with this situation? Yes, most definitely. Just like politics, to be fully involved also means to be informed. Sharing the video is great and if that’s all you do, that’s ok. No matter what anyone says, our social networks are meant for us to share what we believe in. Share freely and honestly. However, if you can take the time to learn more, please do. Do this with anything that you honestly feel passionate about. Google it. Learn and be better informed about what you are sharing. Bottom line is that there is always many more complicated levels to any world conflict. If it were simplistic it would be dealt with.
If you feel passionate about KONY 2012, take an extra 30 minutes tonight and google the whole situations. Pass over the blogs that are negatively tearing down the campaign and focus on the websites that offer collaborative solutions. There is absolutely no reason everyone can’t just work together. United we stand and all that good stuff…
Ideally, all world issues would be as heavily shared, and together we could work towards a better world where no villain has a place to hide. 

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