When you’re this cute, others hunt eggs for you.

Well Lilly’s very first Easter Egg Hunt has come and gone. She collected lots of colourful finds and learned a very valuable skill in the process. Mooching.

Our daughter seems to have learned early that cuteness will score you pretty much anything. She found all of her eggs rather quickly, then pursued all of the other kids to take theirs. She didn’t even have to say a word, just reach out her hand and stare them down. Now, since she is 20 months old, and they are all 16 and older…no one would dare to say no.

The proof is in the photos:

Coat, check. Basket, check. Sus that we haven’t
used in months but all of a sudden love, check.
Mama helps show her how it’s done…
…and she quickly learns the art of stealing.
This is Sarah hesitating, then giving in…
because how do you say no to that face ?
On the prowl for more victims.
Exhibit A: Please note the close up of the
basket clearly reveals eggs that DO NOT
say Lilly on them…and she is just so pleased
with herself.
Daddy helping to organize.
Oh look, a barn cat!…and the hunt is over.

Ideally, she would have learned to give back all of these stolen eggs on her own, but where is the fun in that. Instead they were stealthily given back to their proper owners while the wee one wasn’t looking. I’m sure when she’s older, they will all get her back ;)

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