The downside to girls weekend.

I am in Ottawa for the long weekend with my girls. It has been 3 years since we’ve had a getaway…thanks to me and my baby making. We needed this.

We have had a perfect day. Fresh market grub for lunch, artisan tents, beautiful weather, a great tour through Parliment (my favourite part, because I am truly a nerd) and planning sushi and dancing for the evening. Perfect.

Yet as we sit and relax in our room, and I look through pics of Lilly on the my phone, the reality sets in. Once you become a mom, girls weekends are never the same. I have the odd tear rolling down my face and have an overwhelming desire to just feel her in my arms. I realize I still have nearly 48 hours till I see her again and it breaks my heart.

I know that time away is healthy for both of us, but ideally it wouldn’t hurt quite this much :(

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