Our daughter is full of crap. True story!

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Warning. This post is not for the faint of heart. In other words, if you are not a mom & don’t regularly talk about poop, you may want to skip this.

Last week we had quite a scare with our little lady. After being consitipated (again!) she had two stools that were completely white. When daycare told me about it on Monday, I didn’t put too much thought into it. However, when it happened again on Tuesday, I looked it up and read this:

Reasons for white stool vary, but some possibilities are very serious, so children with stool this color need to be checked out by a doctor right away.

So naturally, I did what every google-happy mom does…I panicked.

I called my husband at work and he met me over at daycare. We took our little angel over to emerge, for what would be nearly 4 hours of fun.

Once we got in to see the doctor, he looked her over and ordered an x-ray. This was her first x-ray and we weren’t thrilled, but we thought we should be safe versus sorry.

After the x-ray, we waiting in another room for the doctor. I watched him walk up to the monitor and place the scans in place.

Then he laughed out loud – glad he found it all amusing – and waved us over.

He first pointed to her stomach, noting the huge section at the top. He pointed out that it should be maybe 25% of that size and it was full of air. My poor baby!

Then he points to all the stuff from the bottom of her tummy right down to her bottom and says, “that, is ALL poop!”. She was literally full of crap. He said he believed the white stool was old stuff being pushed out and that she really needs to try to clear out and suggested a suppository :(

He went on to tell us that we need to find a way to increase her fruit and veggie count even more. This is for a child who eats 1/2 quart of blueberries, prunes and tons of veggies, everyday.

Basically his advice was to simply “give her more juice“. Awesome. Thanks doc.

Obviously I am not completely convinced, so we are trying seeing a pediatrician just to be sure. I think she might have a lazy digestive system that requires a more detailed meal plan.

So the end of this long, shitty tale is that we gave our little baby a suppository, which they said would take 20-30 minutes to work. Two hours later I gave up and put her to bed. The next morning I followed up with prunes in her cereal…and a few hours later she clogged up the daycare’s toilet!

Ideally speaking, each individual child would come with a unique owner’s manual to help with all the little problems you encounter along the way….and ideally, I would be able to resist the urge to consult Dr. Google.

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