Happy Everafter Is In Her Eyes.

I have a confession to make. I swore up and down that bedtime with my kids would be quick & I would be stern. It’s not and I’m not. Bedtime takes approximately a good 10 minutes and I will tell you why I love every second of it.

Lilly loves music. I know all young kids do, but she really loves music. Every night when I take her to bed, it is customary that Mommy sings at least 5 songs on request…sometimes it’s the same song, 5 times, and I’m ready to hit my head off a wall, but she loves it. Nothing else matters.

One song in particular has always been a big hit, but has recently become her favourite. She calls it the ‘eyes song mommy’. The rest of us call it Happy Everafter In Your Eyes by Ben Harper and it is breathtakingly beautiful. I thought I would share it here.

This one I don’t ever mind singing over and over again…though 5 times in a night might be my limit… Ideally, she will always let me sing her to sleep.

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  1. Ferrah says

    Last night my 6 year old asked “Lie with me mommy. Can you sing to me?” My heart melted and so I sang her favourite until she fell asleep. Those moments will pass too soon.

    • says

      I am hoping a love for singing and reading will be two things that Lilly and I will always share…but I know the times of her wanting me to actually do them with her will pass. It makes for such sweet moments in the meantime :)

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