Talking With My Toddler #20: Look into my eyes.

Funny conversation with my toddler.


If you’re a regular here, than you know I have recently blogged about the constant battle we are currently in with my daughter and her new found defiance. She’s just at that stage. The terrible 2s just seem to be spilling over a bit into the 3s…

One of her acts of rebellion is that she tries specifically not to look at us when she is being spoken to. I constantly have to say, “honey, please look at me,” in order to really get her attention when we’re having a discussion.

Recently, she fed it back to me in a way that had be struggling to keep my composure in check. This kid is funny, and in times of scolding, she knows how to work it.

She had put up a good solid fight leaving daycare, wouldn’t put on her shoes, wouldn’t collect her toys and just generally wouldn’t listen. When I finally got her outside, she bolted down the sidewalk. When I caught her, she was giggling, obviously pleased with herself.

At least one of us was.

Mama: “Lilly, you have to listen better to me. I don’t like having to get upset, or repeat myself or chase you. Ok?

Lilly: (dazing off, away from me, completely ignoring me)

Mama: “Lilly, please look at me when I’m talking. Honey?

Lilly: “What?” (looking in my general direction, but staring at the floor)

Mama: “No, please look me in the eyes. I would like to talk to you for a minute.

Lilly: (looking up and smirking) “Look into my eyes…. look into my eyes….” (in her best Madame Mystery voice, waving her hands in front of her)

Mama: (trying and failing not to laugh at her) “You’re a funny kid you know that? Just please try to listen better to Mama, ok?

Lilly: (still giggling and waving her hands) “Ok.

And just like that our discussion was over. I have no idea where she even got that bit, but it was well played.

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