#WordlessWednesday: The Big Girl Bed.

Last night was Lilly’s first night in a big girl bed. It was also her first night in the new house. We opted for one big transition versus several.

She squealed when she saw her bed new pink room. She was thrilled by the idea of no crib – clearly shown by the smiling toddler below.

All-in-all, the night was not too bad. She took longer to go to sleep, but she wasn’t out of her room multiple times like I had feared she might be. She did cry once asking to “go home” :( I had to explain again that we are home. She did get out of bed and sit in front of her door crying at 4:30am. At that point I tapped into my soft spot and brought her to our bed to finish the night.

I know this will all get easier as the nights go on, but between this and unpacking, I may be comatose by Sunday…

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      Ya it’s crazy. I feel like it really wasn’t that long ago that I put her in the full crib for her first night on her own and quietly sobbed beside her empty bassinet in my room ;) Now I’ve had to kiss her goodnight in a toddler bed. I have no idea where nearly 2 years went!

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    I remember how proud my first son was when he got into his big boy bed. Which was like yours, a converted crib. He felt like such a big boy. Then it took weeks, to get him to stay in it at night. LOL ;)

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      She must have gotten in and out of that bed about 10 times when I first let her see the room! It’s such an exciting transition. Fingers crossed that she will continue to be ok with it…but I am not getting my hopes up too much ;)

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    I know I am a little late leaving a comment. But I wanted to say how cute your little one looks in that bed. I also was going to share that we just transferred our daughter to the toddler bed and had actually included it in my WW last week.

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      Thanks! I was a little nervous about the transition, but she seems to have handled it really well. It gives her such a sense of independance :) I hope the change went well for your little one as well. Your girls are such little cuties! I can’t wait for Lilly’s hair to get that long.

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