Talking With My Toddler #6

This is her “Um, I dunno. He’s gone Mommy!” face. 

Oh the holidays. A time for giving. A time for love. A time for an insane amount of time spent shoved in a car with our toddler.

Today we are on our way to my in-laws family dinner. It is always one of my favourite gatherings of the holidays. No one can put on a meal quite like a family of farmers. Plus there is a rubber chicken involved….I’ll have to post Instagram photos to explain that one….

One thing I do love about driving with Lilly, is that it really gives her an uninterrupted time to explore her imagination. We hit the highway and she turned into a very creative backseat driver…

Lilly: “Mommy!! Go faster! Drive faster!

Mommy: (little confused, especially since I’m not even driving) “Go faster? Why do we need to go faster?

Lilly: “The monster is coming! Faster Daddy, faster!

Mommy: “A monster? Oh no! Are you going to protect us?!

Lilly: “Yeah. But go faster!

Mommy: “Thank you for protecting us. But honey we can’t go faster. There are cars in front of us and we don’t want to get in trouble.

Lilly: “The monster is coming!!” (She is very insistent on this point) “You go faster now!

Mommy: “Honey can you show me the monster? Where is he?

Lilly: (looking around) “Um, I dunno. Oh, he’s gone Mommy.

Yeah, that’s what I thought. So we won’t be breaking any speed limits today to avoid the grasps of monsters. We are safe for now.

Although we may have a monster on our hands of this little lady doesn’t get some sleep on the way down. Oh the holidays!

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