Talking With My Toddler #7

In awe of the tree & Santa’s deliveries on Christmas morning.

New Years day we said goodbye to our dear friend, the Christmas Tree. I tackle this depressing task every year on New Years, slightly hungover and tired from 3-4 straight weeks of festivities.

Normally, this task is done quietly, with very little distraction. Well, now that we a walking, talking, negotiating toddler, things are very different.

Lilly made it clear that she wasn’t quite ready to put away the Christmas Tree and had some very compelling arguments as to why it should stay right where it is.

Mommy: “Well honey lets put on a movie and take down the Christmas tree.”

Lilly: “Look, there is it!”

Mommy: “I know, but we have to take it down now.”

Lilly: “But Mommy, it’s heavy!”

Mommy: (laughing) “Well, yes it is. But we can manage. Do you think it’s lighter if we take off the decorations?”

Lilly: “No. It’s very heavy. We can’t do it.”

Mommy: “Hmm. Well do you think the tree has to stay up all the time?”

Lilly: “Yes,” (very matter-of-factly. Then adding dreaded puppy eyes,) “Please mommy.”

Mommy: (with my heart breaking just a little) “Oh sweetie. I’m sorry but we do have to put it away. Christmas is all done. But we will do it all over again next year, ok?”

Lilly: “Ok Mommy.”

And with that, we began taking off the decorations. I heard “let me help” 15 times, while I tried to explain how careful we had to be with the ornaments, but we got the job done.

As nice as it is to have our home back in normal order, I do feel a loss for the bit of magic that Christmas decorations bring to a home. I already can’t wait for the chaos to start again next year, when Lilly will be older and even more into the spirit of the season.

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    So cute! I bet you all had a fun time at Christmas, now that your little one is more aware of it all. My kids have protested the taking down of the tree, too – which may be why it is still up on Jan. 3! We’ll probably do it while they are sleeping and hope they don’t notice in the morning. ;)

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