The most important woman in the world.

In honour of International Women’s Day, I want to take a moment to reflect on the most important woman in the world.

My mom.

It’s cliche and a little bit cheesy, but that’s how I roll. She is the most important woman to me & to our family and I want to make sure that she always remembers that.

In my 29 years on this planet, she has taught me and given me so much more than she will ever even know. Today I wanted to highlight just some of her lessons and gifts.

She taught me beauty and grace, because she has always possessed so much of both herself.

She taught me that many of the things we carry in life are worth their weight.

She gave me the gift of knowing that I am important everyday. Especially my birthday ;)

She taught me how to care for living things.

She gave me the gift of family and taught me responsibility.

She taught me how to have fun. Sometimes I took that lesson to extremes… like my bachelorette.

She gave me strength and courage to start each chapter of my life.

She gave me the gift of her beautiful blue eyes.
She taught me how to relax and enjoy the world around me.
She taught me love, by giving it to me everyday.
She gave me the support and guidance to know I could grow and love a life within me.
She has given my daughter the best Nana a little girl could ask for. She also gave both of us the gift of her smile.
Ideally speaking, I will be able to share with Lilly many of the same gifts and lessons that my Mama gave me.


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