Surviving the holiday shopping rush. #HotHolidayToys

Mattel Gift GuideI’ve mentioned a few times on here lately that Christmas is my favourite time of the year. While that is true, there is also a certain art that is required to survive the holiday shopping rush. Now, not everything in my life is all that organized, but the holidays is one place my planning skills shine.

When it comes to getting a handle on my Christmas shopping, I start early. I make lists and watch for deals. Now, depending on how old your kids are, you have to shop early with caution. We thought we were pretty much done for Lilly…and now all she talks about is a dollhouse! That’s kind of a big one to toss in at the end of shopping. Thank goodness for VoVo (grandpa)!

For a lot of parents, it can be the list making that can be the most difficult. When kids are young, they want EVERYTHING they see. When they hit the tween/teen stage, they can be a lot more specific and picky. You could also have the curse of that child that has no idea what they want at all. I believe my husband must have been that kid. He is always the most difficult person on my list!

Mattel has made the list creation process much easier this year with their online Gift Guide. The guide uses various criteria points to help you find the right gifts for your little one. When I plugged in all the specifics for Lilly, one of the toys it suggested is the Little People® Disney Princess Klip Klop Stable. This particular item was pretty much at the top of Lilly’s list. She had played with it at the Fisher-Price booth at the BabyTime Show in Toronto and fell in love!

So you can imagine her excitement when Mattel sent her that exact gift as a thank you for this post. She was over the moon. It has been nearly two weeks and and has honestly not played with anything else.

Hot Holiday Toys from Mattel. Little People Klip Klop Stable.

She calls it her “Pony World” and drags it to every room in the house :)

Check out all of the #HotHolidayToys that are must haves this season and make sure the gifts you buy aren’t on their #unwishlist.

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