Talking With My Toddler #14: I only have myself to blame.

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When toddler talk back, they use your own words to do it.

Just two weeks ago, I wrote about how our toddler daughter has been picking up our bad behaviour. At 2 and a half years old, she is at the prime age to start being a little sponge.

I have a very helpful toddler. She’s in that wonderful stage where little ones aim for approval and want to assist you with everything. Normally, when I ask her each night to put away her boots and hand me her coat, this is what I see.

helpful toddler, toddler helping out around house, parenting a toddler, Canadian mom blogger
So helpful & cute. Going to hold onto this image as long as I can.

Well apparently last night my beautiful helpful toddler temporarily morphed into a 15 year old who talks back.

Mommy: “Ok Lilly, please put your boots and coat away.

Lilly: (big sigh) “Oh mom! My boots too heavy for me.

Mommy: “Nice try. You manage to put them away every other night.

Grudgingly, she picks up her boots & carries them to the closet as if they weigh 10 lbs each. Then promptly tries to make a break for it.

Mommy: “Hand me your coat please, honey. Then you can go off and play.

Lilly: (much bigger sigh) “Ugh, come on Mom. You driving me crazy!

Excuse me?!

I swear I have no idea where she heard that phrase. No. Idea.

I laughed. I know that’s likely not the best response when parenting a toddler who is testing limits, but I just couldn’t help it.

She grabs her coat and I reach for a hanger.

Lilly: “Here….here…here Mama!

Clearly I’m not moving fast enough for my impatient toddler-teenager.

toddler, parenting a toddler, toddler talking back, Canadian mom blogger
This is her “You driving me crazy Mom” face.

Ideally speaking, this was just a rare one off and I won’t see this much attitude again until she’s in high school…right??

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    Toddlers might have as much attitude as teens do some days. I remember one morning my son was watching his favorite show and I told him to come eat breakfast. He ignored me so I leaned down to his level and whispered “It’s time to eat.” He whispered back while never looking at me. “No way.” He isn’t even two.

    Thanks for linking up at the Tuesday Baby Link Up! I am now following you on facebook.

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