Ideal #OOTD: Lace heart tank & spiked sandals

Every now and then you spot a great item that you know you have to have. It doesn’t matter if you happen to be standing in a store geared towards 13 year old girls when you see it. You still have to have it. (Plus, who am I kidding…I buy a lot at Ardene, just not usually clothes…)

I felt that way about this lace heart tank. My obsession with turquoise, or Tiffany’s Blue as I prefer to call it, is no secret. It’s littered through my wardrobe. And my house.

Super cute lace heart tank & spiked sandals.

Lace heart tank – Ardene
Leggings – H&M
Infinity bracelet – Etsy
Beaded bracelets – Ardene
Spiked coral sandals – Ardene

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