Ribbies Clippies Product Review & Giveaway

Ribbies Clippies Review - Adorable toddler hair accessories.

Disclaimer – I was provided free samples of adorable hair accessories from Ribbies Clippies as asked to review them. The thoughts and opinions in this post are 100% my own.

When I was pregnant with Lilly, I practically lived on Tums. I had such bad heartburn constantly and was told the old wives tale over and over again by friends and family. You know the one. Heartburn means the baby must have LOTS of hair.

I was a little worried that my sweet baby girl was going to suffer my fate. I was born with so much hair that it was down my face and in my mouth. Mom told me they cut my hair before the umbilical cord. True story. See for yourself with a few of my full-head-of-curls toddler pics.

I thought for sure I was going to give birth to a baby girl with dark curls to at least her nose. But I didn’t. In fact, Lilly has been quite the opposite. She was born with very little hair, lost most of it, and it has been painstakingly growing back in ever since.

Worst yet, as her hair has grown back in, it seems to grow much faster in the back then on top. Thus, we’ve got what we affectionately call the toddler mullet. Maybe it’s a trend that will come back?

It has only been recently that we have really been able to manage some ponytails and pigtails. We’ve largely relied on headbands and hair clips to add a little girl flair to Lilly’s locks. So when I was approached by Ribbies Clippies to try out some of their hair accessories, it seemed like a perfect fit.

Lilly was beyond excited when our little package of pretty hair things arrived in the mail.

Ribbies Clippies Review - Adorable toddler hair accessories.

So excited, that she decided to wear them. All of them. At once.

Ribbies Clippies Review - Adorable toddler hair accessories.

The colours and prints are a given as the major selling feature of this line. They offer a great selection of adorable designs that all work well together. We particularly loved the few that were a bit more animated and whimsical with added flowers and butterflies.

Ribbies Clippies Review - Adorable toddler hair accessories.
I asked her to pose so we could take a picture of her pretty
headband. I’m not sure she has a future in modeling…

For us, part of the battle is getting Lilly to keep hair accessories in when we go out. The older she gets, the more she wants to have extra pretty things, such as a hair clip or bracelet. But let’s be reasonable, she’s still a toddler. Anything she wears out of the house stands a 50/50 chance of coming back. One of the features I really liked about the Ribbies Clippies hair clips is that they include an extra thick piece of padding inside the clip itself. This gives it a bit more of a grip, particularly on fine hair like Lilly’s. This really seemed to help the clip stay in, despite what she might have put it through.

An added bonus to receiving all of these lovely little hair things is that it finally motivated me to create ribbon hangers for Lilly’s room. They are just too cute to store away in a drawer!

Adorable DIY ribbon hangers to organize your little girl's hair accessories. Put the cute stuff on display!

Ideally speaking, as her love for accessories grows, Lilly will be more inclined to let me do her hair. It may be growing in slowly, but I quickly discovered how much I love to play with my little girl’s hair. Now I understand why my mom tortured me by always wanting to do mine ;)

 Ribbies Clippies Giveaway!

Ribbies Clippies Review & Giveaway!

Want to get some pretty hair accessories for the little lady in your life? Enter to win a stash of your own Ribbies Clippies!

Winner will receive $30 in Ribbies products of their choice.  To enter the drawing, please like Ribbies on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/ribbiesclippies) and leave a comment about their favorite summer-thing-to-do with their kids.  Be sure to tell them you came from ‘Ideally speaking.’ Must be in the US or Canada. Contest will run for one week. All entries must be received by Thursday, July 11th.


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