#WordlessWednesday with linky: A scottish themed wedding.

I know what you’re thinking. Another wedding?! Tis does seem to be the year for them amongst our friends and family.

This past weekend we headed to beautiful Tobermory, ON, for our best man’s wedding. Kyle has always been very proud of his Scottish heritage, so it didn’t surprise me at all when he said he wanted the boys in kilts. I must say my handsome hubby pulled it off quite well, as did all the groomsmen.

Watching the ducks swim at the Tobermory pier on Saturday morning.

The beautiful bride and groom!

Catching bubbles with Daddy.

When you’re under 3 feet & adorable, you can cut in line for hugs from the bride.

Our family.

Adam had the best dance partner during the wedding party dance.


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    Such adorable photos! Thanks for sharing. My mom’s second husband is Scottish and they had a Scottish wedding and even bagpipes. Enjoy your week!
    Tina from Amanda’s Books and More

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    I am so happy for Robyn and Kyle! She looked like a princess! I wonder who’s hair took longer, Robyn or Kyle’s? Were the kilts rentals? Or are you going to come home one day to find Adam chilling on the couch with a skir…ahem….kilt on?

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