Ideal #OOTD: Oversized plaid flannel with leggings.

Well known fact about me – I have very crappy circulation. As the weather gets colder, I bundle up as if I live in the alps. And this week we had some chillier days.

I recently spotted this super cute oversized plaid blouse at H&M. I have a Great Canadian themed party coming up and thought it would be perfect. Best part? It’s flannel! Yeah for warmth!

Naturally, as with my recent butterfly print tank, I bought this top a size up so that it will fit over the growing baby belly. As one of my coworkers pointed out, I will be able to wear this ultra comfy top even with a huge belly if I just wear it open over layers.

Honestly, this is very quickly going to become my new favourite top. The next time you are in H&M, I dare you to just walk over and feel this shirt. You won’t leave the store without it ;)

Oversized plaid shirt as a cute maternity top!

Oversized plaid flannel button up & leggings. Perfect for fall!

Oversized plaid flannel button up, leggings & boots. Perfect for fall!

Plaid Flannel Shirt – H&M
Black Leggings – H&M
Tall Black Boots – Payless
Heart Bracelet – Tiffany & Co.
Heart & Key Necklace – Ardene


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