Beautifully Designed Christmas Cards

Halloween is over, and that means we are on our way to the most wonderful time of the year. While it might seem a bit early for most of the Holiday cheer, your mind should be thinking about one early task; Christmas Cards.

Each year I am notorious for rushing to get our Christmas cards out on time. Often it results in some family members receiving them when I see them…on Christmas Day! This year I am determined to change my track record and get our cards done nice and early. Hence, I am already doing some research around where to go for cards this year.

One site that has caught my eye for beautiful printed products is Minted. They have many products that peaked my interested, including their custom journals. Some women collect shoes. I have shelves filled with journals…

I have been equally wooed with their beautiful collection of Christmas cards. With hundreds of gorgeous holiday designs, it can be tough to select just one. There are many different options available, including the format of the card, number of photos and finishing choices.Beautiful Christmas Cards

Each card includes 4 options for shape and comes complete with perfectly matched holiday themed envelopes. It really takes some of the multiple steps out of getting your Christmas cards ready.

This year, we will be doing a single photo card. Something very cute to help show off our little family, including my fast growing baby bump! Minted has so many beautiful styles that can really help a single photo card shine this holiday season. Using the handy selection filters, I think I have our choices narrowed down to 4 simple, yet elegant card designs.

beautiful christmas card selection. What are your thoughts? Weigh in with a comment below as to which one is you favourite.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Minted. I have received compensation to review their Christmas card selection for this year and give my honest opinion of the designs and options. The thoughts in this post are my own.

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