#WordlessWednesday with linky: It’s a Boy!

Last week, we found out that we are having a baby boy! My husband and I are absolutely thrilled. However, Lilly didn’t take the news quite as well as us…

I’m sure she will love her little brother all the same once she lays her eyes on him!

gender reveal, baby boy, gender reveal with shoes

Our gender reveal photo. Cutest little loafers ever!

Our baby boy's first official photo :)

Our baby boy’s first official photo :)



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    Oh, congratulations, that’s so exciting. We have girl – boy – girl, and had the same emotions, not so thrilled to get a baby brother, but the girls adore him. He’s one of a kind, you’re so lucky to have a little man coming your way, enjoy him.

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    Congratulations! Such a cute photo :) We have boy, girl, boy, boy, boy, boy… she was really hoping for a sister somewhere along the way but no such luck! She decided that a baby’s a baby, with or without the ‘extra parts’, lol, and loved them all just fine :)

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    Aww, how exciting! My husband would be super jealous. I have just one sibling, a brother, and he’s 14 months younger than I am. When my parents brought him home, they laid him on the couch so I could get a closer look and I studied him for about 30 seconds and then promptly smacked him right in the head.

    I did not want a brother, ha ha ha!

    But it wasn’t long before I was sneaking into his crib at night to snuggle to sleep and trying to flush him down the toilet because I just “wanted to see what would happen.” I think I was a confused kid.

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    Congratulations! My first grandchild is expected in April, too! I think you daughter should reconsider having a little brother. I always wanted one because I thought he would be much funner to play with than my big sister!

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    Cute idea for a gender reveal! Congrats on your boy! I only have 1 boy (and 4 girls). I love the unique relationship I have with him. Thanks for joining the party at Tales of a Pee Dee Mama.

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