Sears Baby Room: Baby Days Sale

The Baby's Room, Sears Our little man is set to make his entry in less than 3 months. As such, nesting has officially started to kick in. While I assumed there would be less to get with a 2nd child, I’m realizing that we really do need to stock up on a lot of the essentials. That’s why Baby Days from the Sears Baby Room could not have come at a better time.

Just as I did right before Lilly was born, I have placed everything we have for our new baby in the middle of the to-be nursery. There is a ridiculously satisfying feeling that come from sorting and organizing baby clothes and supplies. Kind of like a Christmas morning feeling just for pregnant women. After going through everything we had and have been given, I came to a very quick conclusion.

We really don’t need any more clothes! Thanks to the generosity of friends and family, we are more than set for the entire first year of this little man’s life.

This is just the newborn-12 months clothes!

This is just the newborn-12 months clothes!

Now, while we might be set for clothes, we definitely need to stock up on many of the other basics for a newborn baby. We have very little when it comes to wash cloths and receiving blankets. Most of them were pretty beat up by the end of the baby stage with Lilly. Many have since been donated to her baby dolls. We also realized that the few crib sheets and blankets we have left are 90% pink. While that’s really not a big deal, it would be nice to get a few that match our son’s nursery and are just his.

We also need to get a couple major pieces of furniture. I must have a glider, something I regrettably never had with my daughter’s nursery, and a change table. We didn’t keep Lilly’s, since it had taken quite a beating in our move last year.

Needless to say, we will be taking full advantage of the upcoming Baby Days!

Baby Days, Sears Sale, The Baby's Room What are Baby Days? An incredible sale from January 17-30 on nearly everything in The Baby’s Room at Sears. This includes 15% off nursery furniture, strollers, monitors and so much more. And while we don’t need any clothes, there will also be great deals on all the adorable clothing lines, including Caters. Check out all of the amazing deals for yourself!

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